Rules & Regulations

Dr. K.R. Adhikary Institute of Vocational Education and Research
PROCEDURE Application for Admission is to be made in Prescribed Application Form of University.
SELECTION Candidates will have to appear before a Board of Selection Committee or an Entrance Examination will be done as per decision of the Professional courses authority for selection.
SESSION January and July every year.
ELIGIBILITY Mentioned in all Courses.
LANGUAGE English will be the common language. However, every effort is made by Lecturers to present their subjects in words, which are easy to understand. Lecturers would always be ready to help any student, who has not understood.
APARATUS The fullest opportunity will be provided to students to carry out Clinical Work themselves through each course.
UNIFORM Students must wear their prescribed Uniform. Students of Clinical Classes must have their own White Aprons.
LIBRARY All students will have to obtain Identity Card duly signed by Principal. Every Student must carry his/her Identity Card along with him/her and produce the same on demand inside the College Campuses.
DISCIPLINE Any act of misconduct committed by student inside or outside the Campuses shall be act of violation of discipline of the college and any other act which may be considered by the management to be an act of violation of discipline.
PENALTIES a) Written warning and information to the Parent/Guardian.
b) Fine Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred only) or above.
c) Suspension/expulsion from the Department/O.P.D. and College.
d) Debarring from Examination, Participation in C.M.E. Programmes.
e) Information to Law Enforcing Authorities.
ATTENDANCE 75% attendance in classes including Practical and O.P.D. duty is necessary to appear in the Examination.
EXAMINATION All examinations will be held as per University norms.
DIVISION 1st Division : 60% || 2nd Division : 50% || Pass Mark : 40%